Portable Battery for iPhone

By now, the tethered JailBreak for 4.2.1 is available. It took a long time for this version as compared to previous versions in the near past.

In the early days of 4.2.1, I had 4.0.1 (jailbreaked) that was corrupted due to some junk installations. In normal circumstances, I would have waited for the stable un-tethered JB for 4.2.1 but at that time, I had to. I upgraded to 4.2.1 and tried to ‘survive’ without JB. I could not drag it for more than 2 days and on 3rd day, using LimeRain I jailbreaked it, although tethered.

I am having one charging cable in office and the other one I have in my car, all the time. It’s suitable for normal conditions but when you r having a Tethered JailBreaked device, you have to be more cautious.
I tried to look for any external battery available locally in the famous stores like iTechia, iWeaver, iZone, RadioShack but no one have it either in the stock or in the product list. Some I visited personally and some other I checked through website or phone. It was just by chance, that I happen to go to eXtra store with my friend who was looking for some laptop, I usually don’t go to eXtra (due to some reasons). To my utmost surprise, not only there was an external battery but also another model with solar charging. Since it was my first purchase from eXtra, I don’t want to get a crap product and waste my money. I noted the details and after checking it on the web, I purchased it on next day.

Since then, I have been randomly using it. It is giving more than 50% of battery when fully charged with the LED indicator of remaining battery.

The product home page can be accessed here but more details can be found here. If you want to know the price in SR, check this link. To get the actual price, dont forget to include the shipping.


kool down, I got from eXtra, not from Globalmediapro, i got it for a fair price of 89 SR only. The other model with solar cells was available for 10 SR extra i.e. 99 SR. Solar Cells are quite sensitive and require care, so i skipped that one. It is more suitable for the people planning for desert trip.. Sorry, I don’t have its picture. If you happen to get it, do share it with me.

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