SkyDrive Got Sync

A lot of people nowadays are using services like Dropbox which provide you the ease to access your up-to-date files everywhere. Dropbox is currently limited to 2GB with some expansion via referrals (and it is not so simple). Some Dropbox competitors like Sugarsync, Waula etc. (with 5 GB) have been around for some time but they haven’t gained much attention for being late comer in the market. However when a competing product is launched from a giant company, it is bound to get a lot of attention. So is the case is with much hyped GDrive, which is expected to be launched by Google very soon. Meanwhile, the other tech giant Microsoft has refined its SkyDrive service, by adding new sync features. Up until now, SkyDrive has been a useful place for online file storage with a generous FREE 25GB quota. Today, Microsoft announced PC and Mac apps for SkyDrive which provide the more-useful file synchronization features.

At first glance it is very tempting to see a free 25GB online space available for cloud storage and syncing, compared to Dropbox (which offers only 2GB). But unfortunately, along with the introduction of new features, Microsoft has also decided to reduce the free storage offerings to 7GB. The new SkyDrive users are left with no option other than a paid upgrade if they want extra storage. Old SkyDrive users though, still have some luck. If you have used SkyDrive before, you can avail a limited time offer. Existing users are being offered a free upgrade to 25GB. Login to SkyDrive with your Windows Live ID, and you will be prompted with a following message:

The interesting thing is that the image is not linked to any page. In the navigation column on left, you have to navigate to Manage Storage page. So, what are you waiting for??? Go and enjoy the free cake from Microsoft until it is on display.

Update (24/04/2012): Google Drive is out now.

A guest post by Ammar Haider

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