Fujitsu Lifebook T904 – Your All Time Companion

A very common requirement for the current era is the flexibility of the work location. It could be a requirement or a desire or an opportunity to work from any location. To work from any place you should have a continuous access to the internet. Still in 2015, we are not having internet connectivity available every where. You may find WiFi hotspots at some place and at some other places, you may be out luck. If you are a proud owner of Fujitsu Lifebook T904 2in1, you will never find yourself out of luck. It comes with a built-in 4G modules that enables you to stay connected on the go.

Fujitsu_Lifebook_T904_2in1_in_OfficeLet me elaborate the statement that I mentioned earlier. For marketing and sales staff to be able to work from any where specially at the client premiss is a usual requirement. They can not afford to have partial information available on the move and the rest of the information back at their desks in the office. If anyone is still having this kind of habit, my friend, he/she is happily planning to run out of business/clients.

For rest of the folk, to have the flexibility to work from the place of their choice is a luxury which is still not very common, although we hope that due to its positive effect on the productivity, it will get gradually more acceptable. There are many possibilities for it, a very simple is just to do your official work in the comfort of your home. Another typical scenario could be the blocked roads due to rough weather and by working from home, the person will not be having tough time meeting the deadlines.

The third category mentioned is the opportunity to work from any where. To go for formal approach for every problem is not always beneficial. Some of times, the informal way is the best solution to resolve it i.e. inseated of writing bundles of email to resolve an issue with a colleague, you simply grab your Lifebook and accompany him/her to the lunch and settle the issue before the meal is over. In the same way, by having some informal discussion with a prospective client over a cup of tea/coffee, you can negotiate for the requirements and grab the opportunity. On the other hand, you can jump out from your robotic routine and have some fun time at any place either it is an open air spot or your favorite coffee shop.

In any of the case, Lifebook T904 will not let you down, it will be with you as a reliable partner. Its 4G module can connect you to the rest of the world even at odd circumstances. Its energy efficient processor and long lasting battery will be there to take you out from the tough scenarios.

I, personally fall in the third category. In my work environment, the chances of working remotely are not so frequent. I avail the opportunity to spend some leisure time with my Lifebook at a very nice coffee shop. It has got a variety of hot and cold Italian coffees with a nice ambiance. Although, they provide the WiFi hotspot, for dealing with personal stuff, I prefer to use the 4G data capabilities of my Lifebook as public WiFi connections are prone to hacking and spoofing. Its tablet mode is very suitable for reading while we can avail the comfort of physical keyboard for extensive writing.


The location screenshot via here maps:


So folks you enjoy reading online, I am going to have some chill time with my Fujitsu Lifebook T904 2in1:

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