15 Windows Explorer Alternatives

Windows Explorer, the default file manager for Microsoft Windows, hasn’t really changed all that much over the years. Below you’ll find reviews, screenshots and links to download 10 11 12 14 15 different alternatives. If I haven’t included your favorite file manager (for Windows..) in this list, by all means please leave a comment below … Read more

Five Things That Suck About Working in IT

5. There’s often a bad inheritance This item comes courtesy of TechRepublic member ken.mccrohan of Virginia. He described it as “Previous CIO/Net Admin/Developer chose a vendor [or] spec’d a system [or] wrote some code, then leaves, and you are tasked with fixing their mess or worse, explaining their choices.” This is so common it’s practically … Read more

Constansts in C#: const VS readonly

Pop quiz: What’s the difference between these three declarations? And, more importantly, when should you use each one? private const int _Millenium = 2000; private static readonly DateTime _classCreation = DateTime.Now; private readonly DateTime _InstanceTime = DateTime.Now; The first creates a compile-time constant, the second creates a run-time class constant, and the third creates a … Read more